As time flows in a dazzling speed in big cities, we all yearn for nature and what is natural. That is why, we prefer to use natural materials in our homes more and more. Drawing its inspiration from world cultures as well as its own roots, Persan’s new collection Erzurum is very special in this sense. Combining traditional tartan designs with splendid colours, Erzurum offers an exquisite collection of wool blend fabrics. While the concept of natural brings to mind primarily cotton and linen, the sublime use of wool in Erzurum collection recalls nature with its soft and warm touch. In terms of colour, Erzurum comes in a strong and glamorous palette of orange, pine green, chocolate, harvest gold, misty blue and vermillion, accompanied by traditional wool colours like cream, burgundy and smoke. Whether you prefer classical or fashionable colours, Erzurum deserves the seat of honour in your living room this winter.