A brand new collection, under Tarabya brand, Hiva, equilibrates a naïve balance with unique interpretations and consists of new classics turning into a visual feast with its eclectic structure.

Reinterpreted ethnic motifs going beyond the familiar and classical pattern style are the most characteristic features of Hiva Collection.

In addition to broken ikat patterns; kilim patterns and tone-on-tone tinted damask patterns in time worn appearance stand out in the collection. Using cross-stitch and gobelin weaves, Hiva fascinates by its worn-out textures. Satin surfaces combined with matt and natural textures, create a powerful effect that enhances the elegance of patterns.

As one of the most striking fabrics of the collection, luxurious satin drapery sparkles with its large leaf pattern that has a strong impact with its shading effect.

The collection is complemented by abstract patterns in cubic forms and small repeat geometric patterns.

If you are fond of the classics, and want to decorate your home with luxurious, flamboyant, elegant as well as decorous fabrics, you should definitely take a closer look at the Tarabya, Hiva Collection.