Kanije, charming, distinctive and elegant.

A signature collection from Persan, Kanije brings together natural and metallic yarns skilfully to create rich, shimmering textures. Small scale geometric weaves, sparkling and voluminous drapes…

Designed to coordinate with special upholstery fabrics created using a viscose warp, an embroidered velvet has an effortless elegance with its modern and linear pattern. A gently glittering satin fabric with a relaxed and flowing pattern, and a coordinating striped satin, both suitable for curtain and upholstery, are also strong elements of the Kanije collection.

A delicate weave with a subtle dotted effect along with a super silky and light satin curtain fabric, complete the sophisticated look of the collection.

Kanije offers a versatile colour palette with soft tones like grey, ecru, pale gold and bold colours such as duck-head green.