Inspired by beautiful alpaca wool, Dokumacı’s new collection takes it’s name from the homeland of alpacas, Peru.

Main upholstery fabrics of the Peru Collection have a soft lustrous feel just like the magnificent fur of alpacas. These unique qualities feature a natural and luxurious look thanks to their incredibly rich textures.

Special chenille yarns, which were produced specifically for the Peru Collection, create the raised texture of these smart fabrics and help to provide the voluminous and supple feel.

One of many special fabrics within the collection is an exquisite print fabric, which stands out with its textured bouclé base and its relaxed fluid design featuring free-flowing brushstrokes in striking colours.

Peru offers a natural colour palette perfectly in harmony with the natural composition of the fabrics and the characteristic look of the alpaca fur; ecru, beige, dark grey, deep brown and earth tones...

Another highlight of the collection is a rich chenille weave with a lovely stonewashed finish that provides charming vibrant colours to accompany the organic tones of Peru in an exceptional and unusual way.

Luxurious and stylish drapery fabrics in silky and refined look also enrich the variety offered by the collection. Lightly shimmering fabrics with elegant branch motifs and interlocking geometric designs also are the key elements that complete the effortlessly sophisticated
style of the Peru Collection.